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Fan-Made Quake Trailer Imagines Agents Of SHIELD Disney+ Spinoff Show

by Djyounggy

A fan-made trailer imagines an Agents of SHIELD spinoff show on Disney+ revolving around Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. As one of the original stars of Marvel TV’s first show, Bennet has spent the last seven years playing Quake on the small screen. Her journey has currently come to an end after the seventh season and series finale of Agents of SHIELD aired a few weeks back.


Thanks to the possibilities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Quake’s story still has room to continue, though, if Marvel Studios is interested. Agents of SHIELD left her in space and in the prime position to join Nick Fury’s SWORD operation, as long as she now resides in the main MCU timeline (which seems unlikely). Still, fans have already begun calling for Bennet to return as Quake in a future MCU project. She is even on board with the idea and believes that she’ll play Daisy again someday. Many hope that this will happen on Disney+ and a fan-made trailer imagines what that could look like.


The YouTube account Mariavc recently published a concept trailer for a Quake Disney+ series. It uses footage from across all seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD to promote the next chapter of Daisy’s story, with the series even getting the tagline “Her story starts here.” As a fan-made video, it can only do so much to set up the story, but this version of Quake would see her become a member of SWORD with Fury.

Marvel Studios has yet to announce any plans to use Agents of SHIELD characters in the future, much less a spinoff series on Disney+. Disney’s streaming service is so far being almost exclusively used by Marvel Studios to make shows that are directly tied to the MCU. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision were both scheduled to debut in 2020 at the start of the year, with a full line-up of shows announced beyond 2021. As of this moment, Daisy and other SHIELD characters aren’t scheduled to appear in any of the shows Marvel is developing, and Agents of SHIELD isn’t even available on Disney+.


Since there is no movement on an Agents of SHIELD spinoff, it could be up to fans to generate enough excitement about the possibility for one to happen. The #CouslonLives movement is partially responsible for Agents of SHIELD being created in the first place, so it’s not impossible that Quake can’t happen if enough noise is made. After all, this trailer does an excellent job of recapping Daisy’s story to this point and teasing what could still come in the future. Marvel Studios might not have plans for an Agents of SHIELD spinoff at the moment, but hopefull, Bennet will return as Quake in some fashion down the road.

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